Vitamuffins are Full of Vitamins

First, Happy Valentine's Day to all you buddies out there! I hope you all had a love-filled day (and received more flowers than chocolates) and got to spend it with someone special.

Valentine's Day is another holiday that heavily encourages eating, whether it is dining out for a nice meal or eating chocolates that come in a heart-shaped box. If you're a chocolate lover, like me, then you may be feeling a little bad about how many chocolates you ate yesterday. But I've found a solution to cure chocolate cravings year-round and leave you feeling guilt-free.

Vitamuffins deep chocolate muffins.

Now, I'm not really one for muffins at all actually. But these little puppies do not even taste like muffins-they taste like mini chocolate cakes that, when heated up for just 30 seconds in the microwave, burst with chocolate goodness in your mouth.

The best thing about Vitamuffins is that they are only 100 calories each. The worst thing about Vitamuffins is that they are expensive, costing about $4.79 for four muffins. The muffins are not really the size of a large muffin you would buy in the bakery, but hey, they ARE only 100 calories.

Still, if you have a Vitamuffin with a yogurt in the morning, you should be pretty full.

The muffins are not only good because they are low in calories, but they are also high in fiber, protein, and claim to have 15 vitamins and minerals in them. The Vita-brand has a whole slew of products, including brownies, muffins, muffintops, cakes and more, which you can see here:

posted @ Tuesday, February 15, 2011 9:37 PM


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# re: Vitamuffins are Full of Vitamins

Left by btjunkie at 2/16/2011 5:59 AM
Im gonna give it a try, thanks for the share

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