Keeping a Food Journal

I’ve read a lot of articles about weight loss and if I were asked to find one tip that is suggested over and over again it would be to keep a food journal.  I know you don’t like the thought of doing it.  The truth is statistics back it up.  People who keep food journals see greater success with weight loss.

It doesn't matter if it's on line or on a scrap paper.  All that matters is that you put down the information you need.  Before you groan and skip to another blog, give me a chance.  I've been at this for years and quite honestly I do not like keeping a journal.  Yet, it's an amazing tool when used correctly and I do keep one. 

Keeping a journal is personal.  What works for me may not work for you.  There is no need to share it with your family and friends unless you want to.  For now I'm going to assume that you will be using a piece of notebook paper.  I keep mine on the kitchen counter with a pen.  You might want to put yours in your purse, wallet or back pocket.  It's just one piece of paper, no excuses!
Take the paper and fold it into quarters and on the top quarter write the date and day of the week.  That will give you 8 sections.  One is for a few of your favorite motivational quotes the rest will be for each day of the week. You’re going to write what you ate all day from the minute you got up to the time you go to bed.  On the upper right hand side I keep track of my water.  On the bottom I write in my exercise, if I exercised that day.  I plan on breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I also write in any snacks.  Whether I was having a good or bad would be jotted down also.  When you see how your emotions control what you eat in black and white it tends to strike home.

My favorite time to fill in the tracker is the following morning.  I like to log into WeightLossBuddy and plan my day.  I catch up on the news from my buddies and review how yesterday went.  Filling in my tracker in the morning makes me feel more in control and positive.  I feel like my choices are still ahead of me and I can correct any mistakes I made the previous day. 

If you want to check out the WeightLossBuddy food tracker it’s a great program that ties into the charts and graphs.  You get a favorites list that makes it easier to keeping track of a lot of my foods.  Most of us don’t eat as much of a variety as you may think.  If you would rather just keep jotting it down on your piece of paper that’s great too.  The important thing is that you write it down.  If you’d rather forget about the paper and just log everything directly onto your tracker this is just the program to do it.  You are able to edit your tracker throughout the day as well as update your water and exercise.  Have fun with it!  You even get to give yourself a smiley face for a job well done!


posted @ Thursday, May 10, 2012 3:45 AM


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Left by Steven Angelina at 5/24/2018 4:18 AM
This article is very motivating for weight loss. I read a weight loss article on as well, but it wasn't effective. I will try the tips by this writer and see how well do they work.

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