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A Yoga Journey
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Sharing support and finding balance through yoga practice while working towards our weight loss goals.

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Status:  Public

Started:   Jul 21, 2015

No. Of Members:  54

No. of Pounds Lost : 90

Team goal:   Reaching a healthy weight while practicing yoga

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Regardless of your weight you can begin a practice and find that mind body connection that will help you reach your happy weight.

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tealady 4/22/2017 6:54:28 AM

well I tried....I thought this would be a good idea for a team. I really enjoy yoga and felt that there must be other people out there who enjoy yoga also and would want to share their tips and experiences. Yet, it seems I'm the only one posting. LOL I can talk to myself anywhere. So, unless someone is still interested in keeping the team open I'll be deleting it within the next few days.

tealady 4/12/2017 12:38:28 PM

I'm running late but oh so grateful for a few stretches this morning. Have any of you incorporated meditation into your practice?

tealady 3/26/2017 10:37:50 PM

As of now I think tomorrow will be a day full of cleaning and laundry but I'll start it off with an easy flow. Something that may bring me some balance. :) I'm feeling a little out of sorts. Has anyone tried a sage cleaning of their home?

tealady 3/18/2017 9:34:33 PM

I was reading an article about how some positions help curb food of them was extended side angle pose. The other day it seemed no matter what I ate I was still hungry and I know they always say you should practice on an empty stomach but I decided to give it a try... Do you have a go to pose to help distract from eating?

tealady 3/6/2017 9:05:07 AM

This morning I felt like a bowl of rice krispies! Snap, crackle, I moved through some standing poses and ended up with a supported chest opening version of corpse pose. ahhhh...I'm ready for what today has in store for me.... :)

tealady 3/5/2017 1:13:23 PM

This morning I found myself on the mat and embracing a few yoga moves....I even had a few minutes left over to meditate for a bit...and then it happened. The minute I walked out of the room...I felt the pressure from the outside world crash in. The last few days my zen moments are few and fleeting. My plan is to take a few breaks during the day to help staying centered. Anyone else ever have days like that?

tealady 3/5/2017 1:17:57 AM

Title : Top 10 Health Benefits of Yoga
Link :
Description : You've probably heard by now that yoga is good for you. Maybe you've even tried it and discovered that it makes you feel better. A consistent practice offers all kinds of mental and physical health benefits. Some, like improved flexibility, are clearly evident. Others, including mental clarity and stress reduction, may be more subtle but are just as powerful. When put together, all the benefits below contribute to an increased feeling of well-being, which helps explain why so many people find yoga so addictive.

tealady 3/3/2017 12:40:59 PM

I didn't get on the mat this morning, but I think I'll do a few standing poses before I get ready to go out. I don't think we need to always find that 30-60 mins to get reap a few benefits. Anway, that's my story and I'm going with it. Happy Friday!

tealady 3/2/2017 9:13:55 PM

Today I finally got on the mat for an amazing gentle morning stretching sequence. Yay! It felt so good. If I wasn't so tired I'd do a short pm sequence...but I'm wiped out. I keep saying that I need an early night I'm hoping tonight is it. :) Namaste my buddies.

tealady 2/27/2017 12:02:26 AM

The picture came out a little small but I thought the saying was pretty cool...if you click on it, it should be large enough to read. :) I added it to our photo's tab.

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